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Turbo Zentrum Volvo V70 2.0 Bifuel Turbo Upgrade


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High Performance Bolt in Turbocharger Upgrade for the Volvo - V70 - 2.0 Bifuel

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Imported 10-14 days

R 27,000 incl. VAT


Stage 2 Optimization of stock turbocharger - MHI 49189-05000

New OE turbocharger, upgraded. For maximum performance. Plug n Play

Original, new MHI Turbocharger + milled compressor wheel + milled compressor housing + reinforced bearings

The main difference between the Stage 1 and Stage 2 optimization is the bigger compression wheel. That may sound easy, but the process is quite complex. First our team figures out, which dimensions work best with your compressor housing. Some of our competitors simply take any compression wheel that is laying around without taking the airflow and shape into consideration. Because we are able to mill your compression wheel to our exact specification, we can give you the best possible power output.
Next, the compressor housing is milled exactly to the dimensions of the new compression wheel. This way you will have an optimal clearance so no power is wasted.
In order to be able to cope with the increased power, we put in reinforced bearings. Our competitors also usually skip this important step.

For more information, please visit our website: http://www.turbozentrum.de/en/content/ost-details

You will receive the stage 2 optimization that is done on a brand new turbocharger!

Upgrade your used turbocharger for 1085 €

As a more affordable alternative, you can send us your used turbocharger. The Stage 2 Optimization then only costs 1085 €.

Necessary Modifications

A Turbo is an essential Part of the engine. When optimizing the Turbo you have to individually adapt the software to your new configuration. In order to maximize the performance of your turbo, we recommend to a bigger downpipe, a new exhaust system, a bigger intercooler and a modified air intake. With most engines we also recommend to reinforce the engine.