Exhaustive Research: How To Choose an Aftermarket Exhaust System

2018-01-11 14:07:00 PPSA Administrator

A while back, we conducted a course in  Exhaust Anatomy 101 to provide a beginner’s look at aftermarket exhaust systems. Now that you’ve brushed up on the basics, we’ll show you what makes an aftermarket exhaust system such a popular upgrade and provide tips on how to choose the system that’s best for your vehicle. Exhaust Construction: Crush Bends vs. Mandrel Bends So what makes aftermarket exhaust systems one of the most popular perfor[...]

Your Guide to Upgrading Wheels & Tires

2018-01-11 12:58:57 PPSA Administrator

The most important pieces of real estate on your car are those four small contact patches that grip the road--yeah, your tires. Those few square inches of rubber determine, well, just about everything. Tires harness the engine's power, allow the brakes to do their job and determine how successfully a car will go around a corner--whether it's pulling into a parking stall or screaming into a high-speed sweeper. Yes, tires carry an enormous burden. That thin strip of round and black is a comp[...]

Brake Systems and Upgrade Selection

2018-01-11 11:58:34 PPSA Administrator

Brake Systems and Upgrade Selection By Stephen Ruiz, Engineering Manager and Carroll Smith, Consulting Engineer at StopTech LLC   While almost every current passenger car is capable of a single stop from maximum speed at or near the limit of tire adhesion, the braking systems of most passenger vehicles and light trucks and some sports cars are not adequate for hard or sport driving or for towing. Most stock brake systems lack sufficient thermal capacity - the system's ability t[...]

Suspension Systems Research Guide

2018-01-11 08:30:44 PPSA Administrator

Speed bumps. Potholes. Rumble strips. How does your vehicle handle these obstacles and challenging road conditions while keeping your ride smooth and comfortable? It's all in the suspension system. Your suspension softens the blow of dips and bumps both small and large, keeping your vehicle level and easy to handle. At AutoAccessoriesGarage.com we carry a full line of performance suspensions kits and parts that enhance your ride quality, handling, and overall performance. We also offer [...]