2018-05-24 16:05:02 PPSA Administrator

Origins of SPAX SPAX has been making suspension for the past 60 years, we are one of the best known manufacturers in the world. Named after a Somerset village called Spaxton. SPAX were the first company to produce on-car adjustable dampers and patented the idea. Manufacturing has been in Jersey, West Midlands, London and in the 1990’s it was moved to Formula 1 country in Oxfordshire. By the 1970’s SPAX was the market leader in performance road car suspension in the UK.[...]

DW400 VS Walbro 415,450,416

2018-02-21 08:35:52 PPSA Administrator

Intake High Flow Fuel Pumps can now support BIG HP Contributed By: Deatschwerks has just released a new high flow in tank fuel pump that has some pretty incredible specs.  Previously before its release the king of in-tank fuel pumps was the Walbro 400, with the even higher flowing Walbro 416 (also referred to as the Walbro 450 and Walbro 485).  Let’s get right to the specs of this new pump. Made by Bosch Stainless internals that are rated fo[...]

Adaptronic New Modular ECU

2018-01-19 11:03:15 PPSA Administrator

<p>We are excited to introduce Adaptronic’s new modular ECUs.</p> <p>Adaptronics new modular ECUs are classified into two: wire-in ECUs and plug-in ECUs. Wire-in ECUs are generally universal type ones that can be use for a wide variety of cars. Wire-in ECUs includes the M2000 and M6000 while plug-in ECUs are specialized units where in the ECU connector matches the ones it came from factory (or “stock” as we call it here). Adaptronic makes plug[...]

Exhaustive Research: How To Choose an Aftermarket Exhaust System

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A while back, we conducted a course in  Exhaust Anatomy 101 to provide a beginner’s look at aftermarket exhaust systems. Now that you’ve brushed up on the basics, we’ll show you what makes an aftermarket exhaust system such a popular upgrade and provide tips on how to choose the system that’s best for your vehicle. Exhaust Construction: Crush Bends vs. Mandrel Bends So what makes aftermarket exhaust systems one of the most popular perfor[...]