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DW300 Fuel Pump for Nissan 240sx 1994-02 S14 and S15


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Introducing the Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH in-tank fuel pump with its unmistakenable high qaulity and carrying a 3 years warranty.

This installation kit is suited for the Nissan 240SX and Silvia S14/ S15

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The DW Advantage

This installation kit is suited for the Nissan 240SX and Silvia S14/ S15

DeatschWerks redesigned the DW300 to offer greater flow with no significant increase in current draw.

The new DW300 pump flows 26% more at its peak and 20% more on average.

The low amperage draw minimizes pump temperatures, maximizes pump life and reduces stress on OE wiring.

The increases in flow were specifically engineered for high pressures (60-90psi), where forced induction applications need it the most. Conversely, fuel flow has been limited at low pressures (30-50psi) to minimize heat generation in return fuel systems.

This dual zone approach results in a flatter flow curve, which maximizes both performance and reliability for supercharged or turbocharged applications.

Everything You Need...Nothing You Don’t.

  • Flows 340 liters per hour
  • In-tank application specific fitment
  • Fully Ethanol compatible
  • 3-year no-fault warranty
  • Quiet and reliable turbine impeller

Universal pump kit includes:

2"x2" sock

Electrical connector

4" of fuel line

Miscellaneous hardware

Fuel Pump Technical Information

DW300 Fuel Pump Tech

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