Cool Boost Tuner! Stage 2 Dual Nozzle Kit

Cool Boost Tuner! Stage 2 Dual Nozzle Kit

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Injection Nozzle 2
Injection Nozzle 1
Line Control
Pipe Length
Pressure Range & Unit


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Product Options
Pressure Range & Unit
Pressure Range & Unit
Progressive Sweep Range of the controllers injection and the measurement unit selection in either Metric or Imperial
Select the reservoir that suits your space requirements and duration between refills. It is recommended that the nozzle/s total output flow relates to the tank size.
For Example: CB3 = 3L Tank, CB2+CB3 =CB5 = 5L Tank, CB4+CB4=CB8 = 8L Tank and CB5+CB5=CB10 = 10L
Pipe Length
Pipe Length
Customize this length based on your installation location. Engine bay installs typically require around 3-4 meters and boot installs require 5-7 meters.
Line Control
Line Control
Upgrading to an inline Solenoid will improve systems response and furthermore increase system safety.
The System Pressure Monitoring Unit (SPMU) is responsible for reporting system issues such as leaks, hardware failures and blocked injection nozzles. A DNS Kit will include two of these units for monitoring of both injection points if they behind a Dual Solenoid ONLY other wise only a single sensor is required to monitor the common line pressure. The Level Monitor will report low reservoir levels.
Injection Nozzle 1
Injection Nozzle 1
Select the same nozzle as the second nozzle if the motor has two intake manifolds.
Injection Nozzle 2
Injection Nozzle 2
Select the same nozzle as per the first nozzle if the motor has two intake manifolds such as on a V6. If the vehicle has two injection points on a single throttle pipe, select a larger size for the nozzle furthest away.


This Cool Boost Systems Dual Nozzle Stage 2 Water-Methanol Injection kit is our most popular system due to its compact design and award winning features that placed Cool Boost ahead of the game in the market of Forced Induction Cooling.

The system comprises all LeakProof fittings to prevent leakages that could resort to engine bay fires and offers the ability or pressure monitoring to respond and halt injection in these scenarios.


Key Features of the Stage 2 Controller in this system:

*Set & Forget Setpoint Adjustments

This great feature prevents changes to your injection setpoints by accidental cleaning, vibration or temperature change.


*System Priming

Our Controllers allow for the driver to quickly prime the system for as long desired before races to quickly dissipate heat soak.


*System Test Function

Our controllers incorporate a built-in test function to allow the driver to test the system before races.
The controller will run the pump at 100% until pressure is detected by the System Pressure Monitoring Unit
If there is a excessive pressurization time or depressurization time, the system indicate this on the display after test completion.


*Controller Failure and Wiring Defect Detection

Our controllers electrically monitor the pump and solenoid outputs at all times, before activation and after to allow for the the controller to determine that it is functioning correctly at all times and that the outputs are not overridden or have failed.
Should anything be amiss, the controller will instantaneously interlock and activate the Boost Safe Output which will place the vehicle into a limp mode or interlock to prevent damage should the system be installed on a vehicle that cannot run safely without the benefits of WMi.


*System Pre and Post Pressurization Technology

A big problem with WMi kits worldwide is latency and our controllers monitor the reference and preempt a possible nearing activation condition which activates the Pre-pressurization that readies the system up to around 8bar.

This unique feature has proven to provide far more run after run consistency and has completely replaced and prevented any requirement for driver manual priming on vehicles before races.


*3 Stage Electrical Isolation

As anything can go wrong, we have spent a lot of time focusing on preventing hydro-locking.
The electrical outputs that control the system are all separated from each other and should any one of them have failed the system will detect this via circuit monitoring and force an isolation interlock.
This has proved very useful over the years and has awarded Cool Boost Systems to be one of the safest WMi kits in the world and we have the reputation of ZERO hydro-locking failures in the industry to prove that.


*System Pressure Monitoring

Our controllers do not blindly activate the pump and solenoid without some sort of real world feedback.
We use a transducer called the SPMU which monitors system pressure and reports this back to the controller and allows for detection and alarming of issues such as blocked nozzles and low pressures caused by failed components, kinks in the line, blockages and wiring faults.


*Fluid Level Monitoring

As the tank runs low, its important to visually warn the driver periodically that the reservoir needs to be filled up.
Fortunately the system still operates as per normal during this condition and its only when the system runs out completely and is detected via the SPMU that it shuts off injection and interlocks the vehicle from entering high boost.


Quick Benefits Of Water-Methanol Injection

* Increase power output safely by 15-20%

* Lower air temperatures by 10-100°C degrees

* Increases octane by up to 25 RON on Demand

* Reduces cylinder temperatures up to 150°C degrees

* Detonation and Pre-Ignition becomes a distant memory

* No wear issues only clean combustion chambers

* Allows you to safely run more boost and timing


So you now know what it can do, what does it do to your vehicle's engine?

A Water-Methanol Injection Kit's main purpose is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure that has developed in the combustion chamber when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point, by either a turbo, supercharger or high compression pistons.

Compressed air is heated air that causes a reduction of power and increases the likelihood of detonation.

Our kits help lessen any reduction of power while also increasing fuel economy by instantly cooling the compressed air in the boost pipes before the throttle body and also in the combustion chambers during ignition.

Because Water and Methanol have a very high latent heat content, it is extremely effective for controlling not only the onset of detonation but also the production of oxides of nitrogen in modern lean burning engines.

Methanol, with its 116 octane high flash points and specific gravity, helps further reduce the chances of detonation and acts as a fuel itself in the combustion chamber.


The kit contents of the Stage 2 DNS Injection System

Optional/ Customisable Components

1 x Non Return Valve, Solenoid Upgrade or Dual Solenoid Upgrade incl Leak Proof Fittings and Quick Splice Connectors

*1 x System Pressure Monitoring Unit

*1 x Reservoir Fluid Low Level Switch with Quick Splice Connectors

*1 x Length of Fluid Delivery Nylon Piping

2 x Filtered High Atomizing Nozzle pre-assembled to Nozzle Holders

1 x Water Methanol Reservoir (3.8L / 4.8L / 8.5L / 10.5L) (Larger Tanks are pre-assembled with pump)

*if selected

Standard Components

1 x Progressive Controller that is user selectable between boost or voltage input referencing for delivery

1 x LeakProof Pre-Filtered Tank Outlet Fitting

2 x LeakProof V2 Nozzle Holders - Side Feed with built in Check Valves

1 x LeakProof T-Piece

1 x 20Bar Adjustable High-Pressure Pump with pre-installed LeakProof Fittings and Quick Splice Connectors

1 x 5 Meter Easy Install Harness

1 x 1/8NPT Vacuum Barbed Fitting

1 x 4mm Vacuum Inline Air Filter

1 x 5mm Vacuum T-Piece

1 x 3mm to 4mm Vacuum Pipe Adapter

2 x 3mm Silicone Vacuum Tube Connector

4 x Small Cable Ties

6 x Large Cable Ties

2 x Round Terminal Lugs

1 x Roll of Cloth Tape

1 x Cool Boost Systems Lanyard

1 x Pump Sticker

2 x Quarter Panel Cool Boost Systems Window Stickers


*** Picture is for illustration purposes only as the kit is customised to suit your requirements ***


* 1-year local warranty on all components *


* 24/7 365 System Back Up Support *


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