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Cool Boost Tuner! Stage 1 Single Nozzle Kit

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The Cool Boost Stage 1 SNS Boost system is a must have for those looking for induction cooling and detonation suppression via a single nozzle.
Once active, the system will spray statically keeping everything in check and awarding the octane your vehicle requires when there is heat from boost pressure.

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R 4,650 incl. VAT

  • 2 Meters Black
  • 8 Meters Black
  • Not Included
  • 6 Meters Blue
  • Please Select
  • 6 Meters Black
  • 4 Meters Blue
  • 10 Meters Blue
  • 4 Meters Black
  • 10 Meters Black
  • 2 Meters Blue
  • 8 Meters Blue
  • CB1.5 (95cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB6 (378cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB12 (757cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB1 (62cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB5 (315cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB11 (694cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB0.75 (47cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB4 (252cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB10 (630cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB0.5 (32cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • Please Select
  • CB3 (189cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB9 (567cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB2.5 (158cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB8 (505cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB14 (883cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB2 (126cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB7 (441cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • CB13 (820cc/min @ 8Bar)
  • Adjustable Boost Pressure Switch
  • Wide Open Throttle Switch
  • Engine Management (Negative Output)
  • Please Select
  • 8.5L White Tank
  • 4.8L White Tank
  • 4.8L White Tank with Bracket
  • Please Select
  • 3.8L White Tank
  • 3.8L White Tank with Bracket
  • 10.5L White Tank
  • Not Required

Product Options
This refers to the method the system integrates to the vehicle and bases its progressive injection.
Boost based is the most popular as it is the easiest for referencing, while MAF based is the most linear in fluid delivery.
Throttle, RPM and Injector Duty Cycle should only be selected if the system is to be utilized on a Naturally Aspirated vehicle.
Fluid Reservoir
Fluid Reservoir

Select the reservoir that suits your space requirements and duration between refills. It is recommended that the nozzle/s total output flow relates to the tank size.
For Example: CB3 = 3.8L Tank, CB2+CB3 =CB5 = 4.8L Tank, CB4+CB4=CB8 = 8.5L Tank and CB5+CB5=CB10 = 10.5L

Anti Siphon Control
Anti Siphon Control

Upgrading to an inline Solenoid will improve systems response and furthermore increase system safety.

System Monitoring
System Monitoring

The System Pressure Monitoring Unit (SPMU) is responsible for reporting system issues such as leaks, hardware failures and blocked injection nozzles. A DNS Kit will include two of these units for monitoring of both injection points if they behind a Dual Solenoid ONLY other wise only a single sensor is required to monitor the common line pressure. The Level Monitor will report low reservoir levels.

Injection Pipe Length
Injection Pipe Length

Customize this length based on your installation location. Engine bay installs typically require around 3-4 meters and boot installs require 5-7 meters.

Injection Nozzle Size
Injection Nozzle Size

Its all about the available heat, nozzle distance to engine, water methanol ratio injected and engine capacity. Go to our Support Center if you need assistance in the selection.




This Cool Boost Systems Single Nozzle Stage 1 Water-Methanol Injection Kit is an entry-level premium injection system awarding all the high quality components of a Stage II system with a more simplistic and affordable activator of the system.

This kit activates the pump in a fixed/ static manner that does not vary the injection pressure at all and will delivery the fluid in a single nozzle under the control of your choice (Non Return Valve or Solenoid).

The display offers basic information on system status such as low levels, low pressures and when the system is active based on the type of the integration the system has been chosen for.

The system also offers a pre-wired priming button that allows the driver at any time to test or prime the system and confirm that is functioning correctly before racing or just for peace of mind.

The kit has a easy to install wiring harness that is pre-wired in pairs to the components and all that is required is that the installer connect the wires

The components (where possible) are pre-assembled in-house at Cool Boost Systems to speed up the installation process to allow more time for the installer to test and tune the system.


*What it does in your engine

The Cool Boost Systems Water-Methanol Injection Kit's main purpose is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure that has developed in the combustion chamber when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point, by either a turbo, supercharger or high compression pistons.

Compressed air is heated air that causes a reduction of power and increases the likelihood of detonation.

Cool Boost System's kits help lessen any reduction of power while also increasing fuel economy by instantly cooling the compressed air in the boost pipes before the throttle body and also in the combustion chambers during ignition.

Because Water and Methanol have a very high latent heat content, it is extremely effective for controlling not only the onset of detonation but also the production of oxides of nitrogen in modern lean burning engines.

Methanol, with its 116 octane high flash points and specific gravity, helps further reduce the chances of detonation and acts as a fuel itself in the combustion chamber.


Benefits Of Water-Methanol Injection

* Increase power output safely by 15-20%

* Lower air temperatures by 10-100°C degrees

* Increases octane by up to 25 RON and only when you need it in boost

* Reduces cylinder temperatures up to 150°C degrees

* Detonation and Pre-Ignition becomes a distant memory

* No wear issues only clean combustion chambers

* Allows you to safely run more boost and timing


The kit contents of the Cool Boost Stage 1 System

Customisable and/or optional System Components

1 x Non Return Valve or Solenoid Upgrade incl LeakProof Fittings and Quick Splice Connectors

1 x Adjustable Boost Pressure Switch, Microswitch or External Trigger Input (None)

* 1 x Reservoir Fluid Low Level Switch with Quick Splice Connectors

* 1 x Length of Required Fluid Delivery Nylon Piping

1 x Filtered High Atomizing Nozzle pre-assembled to Nozzle Holder

* 1 x Water Methanol Reservoir (3.8L / 4.8L / 8.5L/ 10.5L) (Larger tanks are pre-assembled with pump)

*If chosen*

Standard Components in the kit

1 x LeakProof Pre-Filtered Tank Outlet Fitting

1 x LeakProof V2 Nozzle Holder - Side Feed with built in Check Valve

1 x 20Bar Adjustable High-Pressure Pump with pre-installed LeakProof Fittings and Quick Splice Connectors

1 x 5 meter pre-wired easy install wiring harness

1 x 4mm Vacuum T-Piece

3 x Meters of 3mm Black Vacuum Piping

4 x Cable Ties for Vacuum Lines

6 x Cable Ties for General System Securing

2 x 8mm Round Terminal Battery Terminal Lugs

2 x Spade Terminal Lugs for SPMU (If required)

1 x Cool Boost Systems Lanyard

2 x Quarter Panel Window Stickers

1 x Pump Sticker


* 1-year local warranty on all components *


* 24/7 365 System Back Up Support *


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