To advertise with us at PPSA has never been easier

Expose your services and products to over 30 000 customers a month amongst premium local and international vehicle performance products

Grow Seller ratings in your PPSA Seller profile and draw more sales with buyer confidence and reviews

Get Free access to the PPSA News Blog for all your latest product and services news


In your Seller Profile List all your company social links such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus for Free

Take advantage of the integrated PPSA Shipping estimator for delivery quotes based on your products total weight

Benefit on the use of our integrated online payment facilities for credit/debit card purchases of your products


To register as a seller follow these easy steps:

Step 1) Log in or create a user profile like a normal customer

Log In

Step 2) In the top right corner of the screen click on your profile name (for eg. Joe Black), this will navigate you to "My Account"

Click your Profile

Step 3) Scroll to the base and click on "Request to become a Seller"

Click "request to become a seller"

Step 4) In the Seller Request form, Fill in your Shop's Information such as Company Name, Contact Person, email address, location and accept the terms and conditions

Fill in your shops information

5) Click 'Register' and wait for the Seller Starter Pack email from us

Click "Register" when done

And you're done!

PPSA Admin will review your information and send you a guide to setting up your shop, listing products via email after activating your profile


All sales through PPSA will incur a 7.5% order fulfillment fee* (although you can set the product to not be purchasable if you would only like to list with us)

The 7.5% per transaction* is costed for use of our facilities and includes the use of our Secure Online Card Facilities and PPSA Seller Protection for Buyer purchases.

Payouts less our fulfillment fee on seller's orders are done every week on Mondays via EFT (Direct Deposit) AND only AFTER the customer has received their order with confirmation.

Placed orders will be confirmed and communicated with the seller after successful buyer account and transaction validation.

Listing with PPSA is free during our initial launch/ trial of this service however as stated all sales through the PPSA system will be subjected to the 7.5% commission*

Paid for advertisers get access to special features such as being able to deploy pop ups to customers and advertise on the PPSA landing page slide show - If you are interested in this please email us


*Subject to change at any time