DW 1200cc Injector Set for Toyota Supra TT 93-98 14mm Top Feed Fuel Rail


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Set of 6 injectors for Toyota Supra 93-98

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Set of 6 injectors for Toyota Supra 93-98

The DV2 advantage…

  • Bosch EV14 technology-widely regarded as the gold standard in EFI.
  • Flow rate in excess of 1,000cc/min at 3bar using SAE testing standards.
  • Flow matched with our exclusive multi-point dynamic flow testing.
  • Stainless Steel internals for compatibility with race fuels including MTBE-oxygenated fuels, ethanol blended fuels (including e85) and methanol blended fuels.

More Info on DV2 Technology

All DeatschWerks injectors feature the following:

  • E85 compatibility
  • Flow rates and set balancing in-house by DeatschWerks
  • Flow balanced to within 1-2% (flow report included)
  • Excellent spray pattern and atomization for optimized idle and tuning
  • Technical assistance and tuning data available via phone or email
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty

Download Injector Characterization Summary